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The girl just came back from UCLA today. She was attending cheer camp there. I was so happy to see her, but I think she was even happier to be home. Poor thing looked exhausted and sun-burned. She said she had fun, but that it was a lot of work, and a lot of teenage girl drama the whole time. She doesn't like putting up with drama, so I'm sure that her patience with some of them was getting short.

I just got an invite on facebook for a viewing party at the fox theater for So You Think You Can Dance. I'm so excited!!! Sasha's from our dance studio, and everyone is so excited to see that she made it to the finals. She's got some really tough competition from Melanie. And it won't surprise me if Melanie takes it in the end, I know she has a large following. But we will be at the fox after the show voting until our fingers fall off for our girl. Go Team Sasha!!!!


I'm feeling : content

It's been literally years since the last time I logged into this thing. I don't know what got me to thinking about coming back here. I've got the facebook and the twitter accounts. But there's something to be said about the quasi-anonimity of posting on here. I've been feeling like there are things that I want to express but I don't really want my friends or family reading those expressed thoughts. I've missed journaling. I wish I hadn't let it go. So much has happened in the last 5/6 years since my last post. I wish I would have kept record of much of it.

One thing's for sure. If I plan on sicking around here, I'm going to have to do some serious redecorating around this place!

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I'm confused. I'm trying to catch up on what I missed since Thursday, and I'm seeing so many posts about the Britney interview on Primetime with Diane Sawyer.

I thought that was showing tonight. I've seen endless promotion for her "big" interview with Diane Sawyer to be aired after Monday Night Football. (I'm on the West coast, BTW.)

Is this not the same thing?

I'm feeling : confused

Ahahahaha! Thanks to amberlynne I just read the interview with Elyse from the Tyra Show, otherwise known as America's Next Top Model. Love the way Elyse just tells it like it is. But this! This is funny stuff.

Robin is a liarCollapse )

And how funny was Queer Eye last night? I was laughing so hard there were tears man. Tears! How that guy ever got the contacts in his eyes with Carson there and his snarky one-liners, I'll never know.

Queer Eye talkCollapse )

I must eat now. I'm starved.

I'm feeling : hungry

Watching JC squirm with disgust while the dude ate those huge cockroaches was well-worth sitting throught that entire piece of crap awards show. And anyone that watched 10 minutes of the show, knows how bad that was.

But but, he was adorable! Why is watching him get squicked so endearing? I don't know man, I just know I was laughing so hard. I knew I was going to be sorry I didn't tape it. Hopefully an mpeg of that moment will show up somewhere. A truly classic JC moment. =)

Last night while watching the 11:00 pm news, they had one of those scroll bar type thingies at the bottom of the screen. (I hate those things, by the way. I can never concentrate on the news, because I spend all my time reading the scroll bar thingie.) And it said something like "Arnold Schwarzenegger now prepares for the role of The Governator"

And I was all... "weh?"

The Governator.

I was ready to call the news station and tell them that there was no such thing as a governator, when finally *Ping*, I got it.

Still don't find it very amusing. Another reason why news stations should just stick to the NEWS, and not try to write comedy.

Read this from the queereye community. Just like everyone else, I'm a big Carson fan, but I love Thom too. I wish I could get them to do a makeover for my straight guy. I'd even make sure my house was clean before they came over. ;)

I'm feeling : energetic

Ah-nuld is going to run for governor.

I'm feeling : surprised

So I'm not quite caught up on the friends pages yet, but I've seen plenty of pretty pictures of JC at the TCA's. Lord have mercy, that boy will be the death of me.

How many days do we have left for that single? 6 days?

I wonder what JC will be doing for his birthday this year. Whatever he does, I hope he has a fabulous time. And I hope we get to see pictures. =)

I've made up my mind that I'm going to go on the Atkin's diet. My trainer at the gym has been trying to convince me what a bad idea it would be, and has been successfully talking me out of it everytime I bring it up. But I'm just so sick of working my ass off with this diet and excercise, and not seeing any results. None.

Now the thing is, I know I bought the book for the diet about a year ago. And now I can't find the damn thing. I went to the Atkins website for a little inspiration, and some clues as to what I'm supposed to be eating, but it doesn't really give much detailed information. (Duh. That's why they want you to buy the book.)

But I remember reading that there was 4 phases, and the first phase was the Induction phase.

Has anybody been on Atkins? Can you help me out as to what types of foods are prohibited during the first phase?

I know I'll find that book eventually. There are a few places yet that I'm thinking are where it could possibly be.

But yes, anybody's experience with the diet would be helpful. Did it work for you? Was it tough to follow? Any tips you want to share?

I'm feeling : curious

Yay for it being finally Friday!

Boo for it being the first of the month, which in turn means that I'm pretty swamped at work today. =/

But all of the excitement that's building over JC's new single has got me feeling so exicted. I know a lot of people are presuming that Some Girls will be the first single, but oh how I hope that it will be ADIDAS. I love that song. I love the energy from that song. And I would really love to see what kind of video they would come up with for that song. (Please let it be better than the BMU video.)

So I ordered 4 DVD's from that Nsyncland place. $5.99! How could I refuse. In that order I included the sooper seecrit dvd for the limited time only of Joey in Rent. Can't wait to see that.

Speaking of the DVDs. Has anybody had problems getting their DVD player to accept those dvds from Bruce? I ordered the Justin performance from MTVUK way back when, and it wouldn't show up on either of my players. (I have 2 of them.) I just wrote Bruce about it, and he told me that maybe the disc is dirty and to clean it. So I'll be trying that, but if that doesn't work, I'm afraid that I just don't have a player that will play those types of discs. And that makes me very sad.

Oh, and on a completely different topic... Yesterday, an employee from our warehouse got fired for making terrorist threats. Seems he was heard by more than a few people on his way out saying that he was going to come back here and shoot us all dead. Nice.

I'm feeling : busy

I'm sure some of you have seen on the news about the man that is suspected of killing his family (3 children, his ex-wife and mother in-law). He is/was a vice principal for an elementary school here in town.

Vincent Brothers.

I've met him before. I didn't know it was him, until my mom told me he is the same man that was dating the vice principal that works at the school my daughter goes to.

He doesn't look anything like the picture they keep showing of him on tv. He's a very handsome man.

And I can't believe that that is the same man that they are suspecting of one of the most brutal killings this little town has seen. I remember being impressed with how sweet and friendly he was. Very down to earth and easy to talk to. He was coaching the kids track team at my daughter's school. That's how I met him. I had no idea he was a vice principal somewhere else. He loves kids. You can tell. He communicated well with them. And they all really looked up to him.

It's a shock, man. I can't believe it. My mom's freaked out that Miss T. (the V.P. from my daughter's school) is either with him in N.C. or here in town just going crazy with worry. I feel for her. Miss T. is such a sweet sweet person. She's the type of person you're thankful is looking over your kids. She's got such a big heart, and always has a smile on her face. Loves the kids. Just a very cool all around person.

I've been following the case closely in the news. It broke my heart when I first heard about it. I mean how can a person kill babies?! I mean, killing a person of any age is hard for me to imagine... but the babies. I can't get over that. So yeah, obviously I want whomever is responsible for this to pay... but I really hope that this guy is not the one who did it. That's going to be really hard to deal with.

Just... heartbreak all around.

I'm feeling : distressed

It's funny the different circumstances that can begin a friendship.

For 3 years there has been a woman that works here that would not give me the time of day. She has always been very quiet, and kept to herself. I don't know how many times I said hello to her as I passed her in the hall, and she completely ignored me. It wasn't that I was trying to get her to like me or anything. I just hate passing by someone at work, and not acknowledging their presence. It's weird to me to just pass by someone you see every day and completely ignore them.

So yes, 3 years of never even getting the smallest hint of a smile from this woman as we passed each other.

Then one day we were both in the Ladies room at the office. I exited my stall first and was standing at the sink washing my hands. She exited her stall next. She began to wash her hands vigorously and quickly. I looked her in the eye in the mirror and smiled. She ignored me and turned off the water and dried her hands. I stood there checking my hair and began to applying some lip balm as she started to leave, and in the corner of my eye I saw it.

She pushed the restroom door open and I exclaimed "WAIT!"

She stopped and looked at me, and I quickly tried to tell her before she walked out of the door, but the words weren't coming out fast enough and all I could stammer out was "you... have... the thingy! The toilet thingy!" All the while my hands are motioning to my own backside demonstrating how the toilet bowl liner was tucked in her pants.

She let out an "OMIGOD!" and ran back into the stall and flushed it down the toilet. When she came back out to wash her hands again, she thanked me profusely. And all though it wasn't really a big deal, deep down I had a tiny bit of satisfaction in the fact that I had won. She had finally talked to me. Heh.

Now. Now you'd never know that she used to ignore the hell out of me. She smiles at me ALL. THE. DAMN. TIME! She is the sweetest person. Occasionally we chat it up in the break room when we arrive in the morning. It's just funny to me.

I'm feeling : satisfied
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