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Accire [userpic]

Ah-nuld is going to run for governor.

I'm feeling : surprised

lol If I lived in California, I'd vote for him. ;)

I'm trying not to judge him too harshly, like many people seem to be doing. Just because he's a celeb, doesn't necessarily make it a joke for him to run. Although, with all of the other morons that are throwing their hat in the ring, it's kind of hard not to roll your eyes. *lol*

Surprising, but, NBC? I really don't think it necessitated a "breaking news" crawl over regular programming...

*LOL* Well, I guess he made his announcement right at the time that the 5:00 news show here in California. So that worked out better over here.

Yeah, I don't necessarily consider that something that would be worth of breaking into regular programming; even if he is a celebrity.