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Can someone explain what a MIDI file is, and what I need to play it?

I'm feeling : confused

Is anybody else tickled by the fact that the moderator's name is Chris?

No? Just me?

Okay then...

::Goes back to staring at a frozen computer screen::

I'm feeling : bored

This Nysnc chat room is pure comedy.

My eyes are all wiggly from the fast scrolling. Yeesh!

I'm feeling : amused

I'm late to the JC lovefest, but I've currently got the latest leak "Come to Me" on repeat. And I can't stop listening. I'm hypnotized by this man. I can't wait for this album to come out.

And people keep talking about a solo club tour, and OY! I can't fathom getting to be up close in an intimate setting watching him perform. That would be the best tour ever. Seriously, my brain can't even imagine what that would be like.

I'm feeling : impressed


I found an error in our database at work, and pointed it out to my manager and now he wants ME to type up an email to the customer service manager about it, and copy the entire customer service department, AND point out the people that made the mistake. Not to mention, copying it to the marketing managers too.


I told him I'm uncomfortable naming names and then copying the memo for everyone to read. I might as well post it on a bulletin board:

ATTENTION: SO-and-SO made a mistake. And she sucks!

He says, "it's called CYA. If you don't point it out now, the blame will fall back on you."

I'm am so not going to have any friends in customer service anymore after this.


I'm feeling : distressed

I ran across these pictures in my files, that I didn't even know that I had.

Look at that face! He was such a cutie when he was younger. Who knew he would grow into such a beautiful man.

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I'm feeling : naughty

I hate days when I don't know what to have for lunch. I've been eating salads for lunch for 2 weeks straight. All part of my trainers plan to jump start my system into getting me off this damn plateau I've found myself on for about 3 months now. Tomorrow I get weighed and measured, and although I've been really sticking to the diet and excercise... I just can't eat a salad today. I'm not burned out really, I love salads. And I've gotten really good at being creative with them. They're yummy!

I'm just not in the mood. So I sit here at my desk, thinking, thinking, thinking of something else to eat. And I can't think of anything. Blah. I hate that. It's going to be 1:00 soon, and then I'm going to start feeling really hungry, and be even more frustrated about thinking of something to eat.

I'm feeling : blah

My weather pixie's wearing a bikini! That's how farking hot it is today.

It was 106 yesterday. It's only 102 today. Ah, relief. *snerk*

Yesterday it was so hot that when I walked out the door after leaving my nice air conditioned office, I felt like my face was going to melt off of my head. Amazing what a few degrees difference in the heat can do. Today only feels like my brain will spontaneously burst into flames. Yay, no melting face.

I'm feeling : weird

First things first...

Happy Birthday strippedhalo

Whoot! ::tosses confetti::

Now with the not so fun stuff.

A while back I posted about the girl's dance instructor being a Queen Bitch to her, and bringing her on the verge of tears. I never went into detail about it because I didn't want to relive the anger again, but ever since then I had decided that after recital this year, I was getting the girl out of there.

Well now it's the end of the month, the recital is at the end of June, and that means that if I'm going to withdraw her, I have to send in my notice now with my final payment. So all of this time I imagined myself sending this really short, bitter letter basically saying "Later Bitch". But now I'm remembering all that we've gone through, and remembering the good times, and I feel kind of sad. Despite the harsh attitude that she's been displaying lately, we were pretty good friends. She vented a lot to me about parents that weren't so kind to her, and kids that gave her problems, and about all the stress that went into choreographing and rehearsing and planning for recital. We had become friends. Not close... but friends.

So now I'm thinking bitter isn't the best way to go. I want to feel good about this departure. The girl is 7 (almost 8), and she's been going to this same dance instructor since she was 3. The instructor is sure to be shocked by this sudden withdrawal, and I'm thinking it's better to be gentle and positive in my tone rather than angry and hateful. I just dread the thought of her contacting me and trying to get me to change my mind. I'm afraid I'll cave.

You know with each passing year I've noticed the instructor becoming more and more of a bitch. I wouldn't be surprised if she's going through menopause. Her mood swings are just so erratic. You never know how she will respond to something. Lady needs help. Get her some hormones, or something.

I'm feeling : thoughtful

I haven't been online all weekend, which is normal for me. I usually take the weekends off from the computer. But this morning I've had to go as far back as skip=320! For just the weekend.
But as I was scanning through the posts I could see why there was so much chatter.

JC! Wango Tango! He looked so good, man. I can't believe I forgot all about him being in San Diego on Friday at that "Your Show" deal, and then performing on Saturday. I've died a thousand deaths, looking at all of the pictures, and listening to the mp3 files that you have been posting in your journals.

Thanks so much to everyone who has been sharing all the goodies. I've had to bookmark the posts that gave reviews of the night's performances, because I've got so much to do this morning. But I can't wait for lunch time to get back and read them all.

And Lance in flip-flops! Surely he must have borrowed them from JC. I wonder if he wore a toe-ring too. Laaaaaance. Certainly becoming hotter with each passing millisecond.

I had an exhausting weekend. I worked at the girl's school carnival Friday night. T'was very tiring but a lot of fun. Saturday worked out with the trainer, then went to see Matrix Reloaded. Afterwards, went to 2 different pool parties. Yes, 2 pool parties. I believe I fell asleep that night before my head even hit the pillow.

Sunday wasn't as eventful, but much was accomplished around the house. This Wednesday is the husband's appointment with the neurosurgeon. We'll see what he has to say.

Other than that... JC!

I'm feeling : cheerful
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