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Accire [userpic]

Yay for it being finally Friday!

Boo for it being the first of the month, which in turn means that I'm pretty swamped at work today. =/

But all of the excitement that's building over JC's new single has got me feeling so exicted. I know a lot of people are presuming that Some Girls will be the first single, but oh how I hope that it will be ADIDAS. I love that song. I love the energy from that song. And I would really love to see what kind of video they would come up with for that song. (Please let it be better than the BMU video.)

So I ordered 4 DVD's from that Nsyncland place. $5.99! How could I refuse. In that order I included the sooper seecrit dvd for the limited time only of Joey in Rent. Can't wait to see that.

Speaking of the DVDs. Has anybody had problems getting their DVD player to accept those dvds from Bruce? I ordered the Justin performance from MTVUK way back when, and it wouldn't show up on either of my players. (I have 2 of them.) I just wrote Bruce about it, and he told me that maybe the disc is dirty and to clean it. So I'll be trying that, but if that doesn't work, I'm afraid that I just don't have a player that will play those types of discs. And that makes me very sad.

Oh, and on a completely different topic... Yesterday, an employee from our warehouse got fired for making terrorist threats. Seems he was heard by more than a few people on his way out saying that he was going to come back here and shoot us all dead. Nice.

I'm feeling : busy

I'm able to play them on my computer, but I have to be creative... WMP has about a 50% acceptance rate, though Power DVD usually works all right. If I have trouble, I just eject and insert them a few times. Eventually, the computer finds whatever it is that it's looking for and stops giving me trouble.