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Accire [userpic]
A false friend and a shadow attend only while the sun shines.

Watching JC squirm with disgust while the dude ate those huge cockroaches was well-worth sitting throught that entire piece of crap awards show. And anyone that watched 10 minutes of the show, knows how bad that was.

But but, he was adorable! Why is watching him get squicked so endearing? I don't know man, I just know I was laughing so hard. I knew I was going to be sorry I didn't tape it. Hopefully an mpeg of that moment will show up somewhere. A truly classic JC moment. =)

Last night while watching the 11:00 pm news, they had one of those scroll bar type thingies at the bottom of the screen. (I hate those things, by the way. I can never concentrate on the news, because I spend all my time reading the scroll bar thingie.) And it said something like "Arnold Schwarzenegger now prepares for the role of The Governator"

And I was all... "weh?"

The Governator.

I was ready to call the news station and tell them that there was no such thing as a governator, when finally *Ping*, I got it.

Still don't find it very amusing. Another reason why news stations should just stick to the NEWS, and not try to write comedy.

Read this from the queereye community. Just like everyone else, I'm a big Carson fan, but I love Thom too. I wish I could get them to do a makeover for my straight guy. I'd even make sure my house was clean before they came over. ;)

I'm feeling : energetic

*g* Just because someone needs a makeover, doesn't have to mean that the prerequisite is: living in filth. =)