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August 2011
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Accire [userpic]

Ahahahaha! Thanks to amberlynne I just read the interview with Elyse from the Tyra Show, otherwise known as America's Next Top Model. Love the way Elyse just tells it like it is. But this! This is funny stuff.

I talked to someone who had kept in touch with Robin and she totally admitted that she lied about the boob-shaking incident. She said she "had to reach deep into her prayer drawer to get forgiveness for lying about the boob-shaking incident." Prayer drawer?

And how funny was Queer Eye last night? I was laughing so hard there were tears man. Tears! How that guy ever got the contacts in his eyes with Carson there and his snarky one-liners, I'll never know.

And poor Thom. I think he worked harder than anyone in that show. The poor guy was even planting trees for him. Love me some Thom. Oh and the little kiss that Carson and Ted shared. So sweet. Someone from queereye posted a capture of it. (I know, I know, I'm still there. Sometimes they have some worthwhile posts in there. *g* But check out the kiss.

Favorite line of the show: "Are you a pitcher or a catcher?"

I must eat now. I'm starved.

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