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Accire [userpic]

I'm confused. I'm trying to catch up on what I missed since Thursday, and I'm seeing so many posts about the Britney interview on Primetime with Diane Sawyer.

I thought that was showing tonight. I've seen endless promotion for her "big" interview with Diane Sawyer to be aired after Monday Night Football. (I'm on the West coast, BTW.)

Is this not the same thing?

I'm feeling : confused

The Diane Sawyer thing was last Thursday. She has a special coming on tonight on ABC, but I don't think its an interview. I missed Primetime also. There are clips up at www.gobritney.com if you want to catch it. Apparently she cried.

So no Britney tonight? Heh, I'm so lost.

I went to gobritney.com and they require you to download something first to be able to download the clips. I'm too uncomfortable to do that from work, and since I'm on dial-up at home... well, I lets just say I guess I won't be watching Brit cry. ;)

Boo for me.

There is Britney tonight, but it's her special "In the Zone" on ABC, after football. SO it's a concert and behind-the-scenes thing, from what I understand.

Ooooooohhhh, now it makes sense. So I wasn't hallucinating there being something after Monday Night Football. *g*

BTW, congrats on procuring tickets for all of those CA shows. I'm excited to see what everyone has to say about his shows. =D

Thanks -- I'm interested to see how he's gonna keeps these shows intimate and simple, since he said in some interview that he wanted to do so!



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